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 2006-06-26 12:00 • Project closed - for the time being!

Our little game project has been languishing for months now, because the team was busy with things that pay the rent. Having graduated, we now have to work for money. ;)

We were trying to assemble a new team to continue the project - unfortunately without success. Under these circumstances, we deem it best to grant the project a quick and dignified death. So we're going down a path many open-source games have gone before and close the project as it stands now.

We had much fun creating this game, and we hope at least some guys had some fun playing it, too.

We'd also like to thank wickedlyslick for his work on the forums and the new homepage, although the effort on the latter was in vain in the end.

That was it, so long!

 2006-06-09 12:00 • New Team Member!

Hi Folks,

As you might know, we are currently making an effort to assemble a new team for the project. In the course of this effort, we welcome wickedlyslick in the team.

He'll be our new webmaster and will attend to the community, so be prepared to hear from him soon. He already has set up a new forum here.

We're still looking for coders and artists, click here for details.

 2006-05-12 12:00 • 0.0.8 Released!

Another alpha release is out. Changes in short:

  • Moved to OGRE 1.2 and CEGUI 0.4.0
  • Added one new vehicle and two new weapons
  • Improved HUD a bit

The release is available from your downloads page. I have also updated our screenshots section.

 2006-04-01 12:00 • Master Server Moved!

Steffen Pohle has informed me that the OGC-server has moved. The new address is:


 2006-02-14 12:00 • 0.0.7 Released!

Finally it is there: The first playable version using the new libraries.

Development will be freezed for at least a month after this release, because (once again) I have to learn boring things so I can scrape through my last exam. (Although I'm afraid I'll be playing Guild Wars most of the time...)

The release can be downloaded from here.

If you discover any bugs or other problems please report them. As usually, you can post your experiences in our forums.

 2006-01-09 12:00 • 0.0.7-test2 Released!

Another test release is out. This time the following features are included:

  • Basic network code that should allow you to start or connect to a server, walk around with others in an arena, and chat with them.
  • Master server support using Steffen Pohle's OpenGameCache (highly experimental).
  • Some arenas now have teleportation and regeneration areas.

The release can be downloaded from here.

If you discover any bugs or other problems please report them. As usually, you can post your experiences in our forums.

 2005-11-24 12:00 • Version 0.0.7-test1 Released!

This is the first release using the new libraries. But don't expect too much: This release is NOT playable. Basically, you can only take out the vehicles for a test drive.

So why releasing 0.0.7-test1?

I'm developing (and testing) fwp on linux (FC3) and WinXP. When I tried it on another linux system (different gcc, different autotools, different ogre, different everything), I had some problems to get it running. Not that this was a big surprise to me, but I decided to test how the game runs on other systems before including network, sound, and the core gameplay. And that's the sole purpose of this release. You can download it here. If you tried it and want to give some feedback, you can post your experiences in our forums.

 2005-09-27 12:00 • Resuming Work!

After a few months of pursuing my boring studies I have resumed working on FWP.

I want to make FWP a more customizable and extendable game in the future, and the upcoming release (0.0.7) will bring the first steps in this direction.

Properties of vehicles, weapons, and maps will be defined in xml files in the next release. This should allow easy adaption of existing vehicles, weapons, and maps as well as the creation of enterily new ones without touching the source code. (At least that's the plan...)

I also will use more high-level third-party libraries, most notably the Ogre graphics engine. This has two reasons: First of all, there is no point in writing the whole engine stuff by myself just to have no time left to code the actual game. Secondly, exporters for Ogres .mesh format are available for almost every popular 3d-modeling tool. This and Ogres ability to define materials and particle systems through sophisticated scripts will make it easier for interested people to contribute new graphics. Ok, the facts in a nutshell: The next version of FWP will use

  • Ogre for graphics,
  • CEGUI for the gui,
  • ODE for collision detection and physics,
  • enet for the network stuff, and
  • fmod for sound (although I'm not yet 100% sure about that, since it is not an open source library).

One last thing: I have put some new pictures onto our screenshots-page. There are six new ingame-shots at the top of the page and six new renderings in the 'external renderings' section.


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