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 What is 'fight win prevail'?

Fight Win Prevail (or FWP for short) is a hobbyist multiplayer first person shooter.

The game is set in an imaginary universe where fearless pilots fight to the death with their futuristic vehicles. Gameplay lies somewhere between the Mechwarrior-series and Quake 3. It is faster and more action-orientated than in Mechwarrior, but tries to avoid the 'jump-around-like-crazy-and-fire-at-everything-that-moves'-gameplay known from Quake 3.

Fight Win Prevail is a pure multiplayer game and does not have a real singleplayer mode. Our primary target are LANs, but the game is playable over the internet, too.

 PLANNED features in short
  • Good graphics, physics, sound, and gameplay (for a hobbyist game)
  • Multiplayer over TCP/IP
  • 3 types of vehicles with individual characteristics (mechs, hovercrafts, and helicopter-like aircrafts)
  • Distinct weapon types (classical projectile weapons, beam weapons, ballistic weapons, etc.)
  • Distinct map types (from close combat indoor maps to large landscapes)
  • An extendable set of vehicles, weapons, and maps
  • 4 game modes (deathmatch, team deathmatch, sole survivor, team survivor)


FWP is free software. The source code is published under the ZLIB-License. Most of the game media (models, textures, etc.) were created by the FWP team and are covered by this license, too. However, some of the media included in the game were created by external contributers and have individual copyrights and licenses (that are compatible with the ZLIB-License, of course). The runtime versions of used libraries that are distributed with the game also are licensed under different terms. See the readmes in the downloadable packages for details.

 Development status

The current version (0.0.6) of the game is an early alpha version. It is playable, but many of the planned features are still missing (so you shouldn't expect too much of it).

As we are currently switching from our own - well, let's call it 'engine' - to some (by far superior) third-party libraries, the next release (0.0.7) will bring major changes concerning gameplay as well as technical aspects of the game.

 System requirements
  • A good CPU (~700MHz)
  • A reasonable amount of RAM/Swap (~128MB)
  • A good graphics card (~GeForce2)
  • If you want sound a sound card

 Why is this game being developed?

In the first place the game is developed for our personal entertainment.

We are not so much out of touch with reality to think it can compete with commercial games. We are publishing it just because it might possibly provide some hours of fun and action for some people. Additionally, the source code might be of interest for the open source community. (So please no more 'UT2004 is better' mails - I know it!)


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