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:: D O W N L O A D S ::

 General Information

The windows-packages include all DLLs needed to run the game. Linux users must have installed the necessary libraries on their systems.

Requirements are:

  • Ogre (>=1.2.0) for graphics
  • CEGUI (>=0.4.0) for the gui
  • ODE (>=0.5, trimesh support not required) for collision detection and physics
  • SDL (>=1.2.5) just because it's required by
  • SDL_net (>=1.2.5) for the network stuff
  • SDL_mixer (>=1.2.5) for sound effects and music
FWP also includes an embedded version of TinyXML.

Other important notes:

  • The source code is included in each package.

 Version 0.0.8 Downloads

This is the latest release. Playable, but still alpha.

download installer for windows (fwp-0.0.8-win32-installer.exe)

download gzipped tar-archive for linux (fwp-0.0.8-linux.tar.gz)

 Version 0.0.7 Downloads

This is the first playable release using the new libraries. You need OGRE 1.0 or 1.1 for this.

download installer for windows (fwp-0.0.7-win32-installer.exe)

download gzipped tar-archive for linux (fwp-0.0.7-linux.tar.gz)

 Subversion repository access

As of May 2006, source code and data for the 'fwp' package is stored in Subversion at SourceForge.net. Anonymous SVN access is available to anyone. The following configuration settings are used to access the repository:

  • Hostname: svn.sourceforge.net
  • Port: 443
  • Protocol: HTTPS
  • Repository Path: /svnroot/fightwinprevail
So to check out the trunk tree of the 'fwp' package into the local directory 'fwp-trunk' with a command-line client you would type:

$ svn checkout https://svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/fightwinprevail/fwp/trunk fwp-trunk

After checking out, you will need to bootstrap the build environment:

$ ./bootstrap

Assuming that works correctly, you should be all set to do the usual ./configure and make thing.

In case you want to pick another tree or browse logs / revisions online, you can view the repository with your web browser:




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