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 FWP-related links

www.sourceforge.net/projects/fightwinprevail - Our sourceforge.net project page

www.ogre3d.org - Home of the 'Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine' (OGRE)

ode.org - Home of the 'Open Dynamics Engine'-Library (ODE)

www.cegui.org.uk - Home of 'Crazy Eddies GUI System' (CEGUI)

www.libsdl.org - Home of the 'Simple Directmedia Layer'-Library (SDL)

www.grinninglizard.com/tinyxml - Home of the 'TinyXML'-Library

 Links to other open source games

Cube - A very, very good free first person shooter

Vega Strike - "The 3D Space Simulator that allows you to trade and bounty hunt in a vast universe"

Globulation II - A free and innovative real-time strategy game

Battle for Wesnoth - A turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme

Gate 88 - A multiplayer action-RTS hybrid with an emphasis on action

UFO: Alien Invasion - A strategy game featuring tactical combat against hostile alien forces (heavily inspired by the 'X-COM' series)

FlightGear - An open-source, multi-platform flight simulator

MAUSS - A little space shooter game we did before FWP. Not very good but very funny... (Page is in German!)


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